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Thank you for wanting to know more about my background.

Professionally I have worked in advertising and publishing as a career sales professional with the shift in more recent years to the digital side of life. You can read additional professional information on my LinkedIn public profile or through a web search.

Personally I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in Communications (Advertising) and started my advertising sales career with the Seattle Business Journal.

Life and work took me to California the first time when I was promoted with American City Business Journals. I opened the original national sales office in Los Angeles. My time in L.A. included eight years working with USA Today for both the national and international editions. I returned to Seattle with my family in 1996 and lived in the Queen Anne neighborhood when I rejoined the Business Journal as the director of sales and marketing.

Sunshine beckoned and we returned to California in 2003 landing in the City of Orange, in “The O.C.”, where we could hear the nightly fireworks at Disneyland in the distance. Life called me back to Seattle and I returned October 2012.

My son, Nolan, is a 2014 graduate of Arizona State University in the Carey School of Business with his concentration on supply chain management. he returned to Seattle and is now working.

My daughter, Hayley, is a junior at Seattle University.

Yep, I am getting older. Wiser? We’ll see.

Hopefully I am learning something along the way and it is reflected in the thoughts I share. I appreciate any feedback with comments on posts or directly.

Feel free to reach me at or my cell is 714-876-7062.

  1. Sherri Wells permalink

    This is a perfect venue for you! I’ll have to mark it as a favorite….and for me, that’s a big deal. Remember, I’m technically challenged. Looks like you are doing well. We are too.

  2. CARL PARX permalink

    Hi Steve!! I used to be your neighbor on Masselin Ave. in Los Angeles. I came across your blog, looking for someone at the University of Washington.
    I enjoyed your blog about looking for work, it hit home. Nolan is at Arizona State, time flies!!! I am feeling old!

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