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If in Sales, Know the 5 Buying Decisions of a Client and 6 Possible Buying Motives

February 23, 2015

A post I added to LinkedIn last week, sales related, got such a good response I am prompted to address successful selling ideas again and expand the exposure via WordPress too.

I share in a packaged format related themes that originally were presented as two different posts:

  • Understanding the five buying decisions made by a prospect as part of a commitment.
  • Six buying motives that can be involved in a sale.

The topics are part of training I went through years ago with Roy Chitwood of Max Sacks International. Roy worked with my company in the late 90s when I was sales director of the Puget Sound Business Journal, a local business publication in Seattle. The topics are also included in his book, “World Class Selling,” that was published in that time period and later updated.

I will note I have always felt it important for sellers to understand the Five Buying Decisions that are part of a sale for a few reasons. First, all five elements are part of a sale. Second, understanding them provides a good gauge for you to compare where you actually stand in the sales process.

Both of the topics were originally covered by me in posts on WordPress in 2011. I will admit, though, that the Six Buying Motives post is the breakout “hit” of my blog posts. Although I did a series of posts that year, this one post got 75% of all views and, four years later, has maintained 75% of the views for nearly 6100 total (and 575 other views from the original post to LinkedIn last July).

To contrast, my second best post from WordPress from 2011 has 370 views all time. So figuring out buyer motives seems to have appeal to all kinds of salespeople.

To provide the value of the topics together I have re-edited and formatted them into one document you can read or download on Slideshare.

I encourage you to review it for your own sales skill development and share it with others in your organization, perhaps even for a group sales training session. The link:

Additional Resource:

My post last week on creating success as a new sales manager:

It got a good reception. It had nearly 400 views after three days, received 18 “likes” and has been shared 33 times.

About me

I have been in sales and sales management in advertising, marketing and media as a career. First in publishing, including USA Today and American City Business Journals, the largest publisher of local business media in the United States, then a shift into digital marketing. My current work includes moment M, a mobile ad tech start-up demand side buying platform (DSP):

I am also a community manager for Linked Seattle, one of the largest geographically focused groups on LinkedIn, with over 52,000 members.

Other social media:

Twitter: @SteveFawthrop

If you see value in connecting, please feel free to send me an invitation, especially if you are in the Seattle area or in advertising and marketing.–Steve

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