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Blog posts and comments still have value.

January 21, 2012

Steve Fawthrop

The blog site Six Pixel of Separation made some good points on the continued value of posting and getting comments on blogs.

The ability to share the information widely so easily is one continuing value as highlighted in part of their blog:

But things have changed… dramatically. 

Forget the popularity of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more. Focus on this: if someone reads and appreciates a Blog post, they now have many more options to share what they think about it…

  • They can tweet a link of it out to their network on Twitter.
  • They can favorite the Blogger’s tweet about the post.
  • They can share the link on Facebook.
  • They can comment on the link that they shared on Facebook.
  • They can link to the Blog post on LinkedIn and also comment on it there.
  • They can do all of that (and more) on Google+.
  • They can just create their own post, on their own space about it and not even link back to it.
  • They can share it as a bookmark (with comments) on Delicious or Google Bookmarks.
  • They can push it out through StumbleUpon, Reddit or Digg.
  • They can respond by video on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • …and a whole lot more.

If you would like to see the whole post:

Steve Fawthrop

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