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Book Review of “The Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell

January 22, 2011

Like  his earlier work, “Blink” I felt there were a lot of  items of interest, but in the vein of “factoids” in USA Today that people used to criticize at times when I worked there.

Overall, I do not feel the book strings together with something real concrete as a takeaway.

I remember liking “The Tipping Point” but maybe that is just selective memory, since it was fresher, and it has been awhile since reading it. That came out over ten years ago.

Other than knowing that along with hard work success also means being in the right place at the right time-and having assets work in your favor that are not so readily obvious to the outsider and sometimes even to yourself-I do not think there is a whole lot more to the book.

Since I have worked long enough to be in the right place and the wrong place at different times in my career, the book did not shed much light nor gave me much information to apply in my life.

It did help validate all the injustices placed upon me by my older brothers and sisters. I had been feeling bad about myself but now I know it is entirely their fault and that I am simply a victim of their generational advantages. For that I thank Malcolm.

So I finished the book with fresh insight on my family and went for a run.


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