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Searching for New Job Can Be Fun!

January 9, 2011

Okay I lied in the headline, looking for a new job is not a lot of fun.

I do want to share a response I got back to a submission. It is the ultimate in impersonal. I had to laugh and shared it with a few friends. One, who has a quick wit, suggested I send back the response he drafted below.

The e-mail gave no indication of the company or the position that I must have submitted for with a resume. I looked later and it turns out I responded to a general inquiry e-mail sent to me. I assume keywords came up in a search of my resume and it triggered a note from someone. I did not recognize the name of the person so we had no real contact.

I thought the position, which did not have full details, was  questionable but figured if they responded then I could be clearer in the details and determine real interest or not. Anyway, someone obviously failed to hit a few buttons on the computer. The response I received:

Dear Steve,Best regarDear {Applicant},Thank you for your recent application in regards to {Job Title}. We were very fortunate to have so many people apply to the position. After careful evaluation, we have decided to move forward with other applicants at this time.We encourage you to look for additional opportunities at and We wish you the best of luck in your job search!

Martha Snyder

The response drafted by my friend:

Dear  Marth Snyder __________,
Thank you for turning me down for ______ at _______ because ________.
I wish you _______ and hope _______.

So if any one you out there have had this kind of experience, just move on to something real for your future.

Good luck.


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