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Time to Refudiate Sarah Palin

September 12, 2010

I caught an interesting small news item in the newspaper this week about Sarah Palin.

Apparently she created a popular psuedo-word in the summer-refudiate-that led to a lot of active web searching to find the meaning of the word.

The former governor (Former because, I will note, she quit the job early) had blended the use of “refute” and “repudiate” in a news show and in a Twitter posting.

As the article noted the two words do have similar meanings:

Refute means to prove something wrong or deny its truth or accuracy. We hear all the time about refuting evidence in a trial.

Repudiate means to refuse a connection with something or reject it as untrue or unjust.

For example, a voter in Alaska can both refute and repudiate that they were a Palin supporter for governor. It depends on the context.

Now I like a blended word as much as the next guy. Since she was small my daughter Hayley, now 16, has used the word “ginormous” which is a blend of gigantic and enormous. For example, the slice of cheesecake was ginormous. The crowd at the Nordstrom sale was ginormous.

I use it too. It is a word we use around the house. I don’t think I will use it on Fox News. I might be tempted to put it in a Twitter posting.

Anyway, I want to thank former governor Palin (Former because she quit her job early. Oh, I already mentioned that) for providing me a word I can apply to her public activities.

When it comes to her cable show, I refudiate it.

When it comes to her new book about to be published, I refudiate it.

If she runs for president in 2012 then I think we all need to get together and give Sarah a ginormous refudiation.


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  1. Wayne Lubin permalink

    Your Sarah Palin blog was well received by me. I frankly don’t care for her. Or should I say, I also refudiate her~!!!

    • TUPhiPsi permalink

      Neither was the guy before the guy in there now.

  2. Jim Bruders permalink

    At least she can talk without having to have monitors in front of her. And she does speak for a lot of us who are tired of the free spending politicians in DC. I don’t think she is qualified to be president, but neither is the guy in there now.

    • Ellie permalink

      At least he knows how to speak the English language. Crazy Tea Party is obsessed with his Muslim heritage. They should focus on a candidate who can pass the high school English exam.

    • Scott Smith permalink

      That’s right, she writes her stuff on her hand instead. How all down-homey of her.

  3. Gregg D permalink

    And starting next week will America refudiate her daughter Bristol when she appears on “Dancing with the Stars?” I guess being an unwed teenage mom makes you a “star” these days.

  4. I applaud your efforts to refudiate any effort by Sarah “Hockey Mom” Palin to further her political career. I would love to see a woman president in the very near future. But my 90-year old mother who is partially blind and hard of hearing would make a far more qualified candidate to run our country than Sarah Palin. Ms. Palin would, however, be more than qualified to be the crossing guard at my kids’ middle school.

    Tim Jones

  5. Michael permalink

    Nicely articulated. I continue to be amazed by her popularity.


  6. Ed Bronsdon permalink

    Well said!

    I, like Michael, remain amazed that Palin’s “cult of personality” popularity translates into potential national stage electability.

  7. I join in your delightful refudiation.

  8. Nice word-smithing there Mr. F. There is a whole lot to refudiate these days. The Tea Party is an interesting phenomenon, as they choose to rally for the very people who will lead to their complete disenfranchisement. Alas, they should refudiate those who are leading them to ruin. Too ignorant to know better, I guess. Anyway, word up for your blog post, and stay thirsty, my friend.

  9. Stephanie permalink

    I would prefer that Mrs. Palin and the most virulent of the Tea Party members be “extincualized”, but I fear the species will live on.

    Thanks for the mind fodder.

  10. Chris Jalonen permalink

    I’m one of the last remaining Jalonen Republican’s, but I must say I’ve always been concerned that the GOP would be pushing for her to be VP or (now) Pres. It’s not that she’s a bad person, but she’s nowehere near qualified to run this country. She also shouldn’t have quit the job she was elected to do.

  11. robin singer permalink

    i enjoyed what you wrote. keep up the good work!

  12. Steve, I’m delighted to discover your blog here on the Linked-In UW Alumni group. Beside both being UW alums, we have some other things in common: I lived in Seattle for many years (although I’m currently living on the east coast); I have a blog; and I’ve also written about Sarah Palin. My post “Sarah Palin should be ashamed of herself” was inspired by her despicable tweet about “death-panels” during the health-care reform debate.

  13. Daniel permalink

    No need for Huskies to refudiate – her 15 minutes are almost up.

    Last stop on the “Milk the Fame for All It’s Worth Tour”: she appears in Playboy…for a nice sum, of course. Naturally, this issue sells out down in the Bible Belt.

  14. Wally Hicks permalink

    Extreme people will always find someone to fan the flames of thier anger. I am a little dissapointed because in the past Americans have put petty issues aside and stood together when things went wrong.

  15. Dennis Taylor permalink

    Fun post! The tragic thing about Palin is that she is adored by the Tea Bagging crowd. Actually that’s not the tragedy. What’s tragic is that she could speak like Eliza Doolittle before her transformation and her fan base would never know the difference. If you are a student of history, you will realize that the right wing has always catered to the segment of the population that has little or no education, are strong believers in faith (wouldn’t one need to be to buy into her belief system?) and have a rather paternalistic view of the world. Anyone with the capacity and gumption to closely examine Sarah Palin would understand she is a manipulative charlatan. Unfortunately her base have neither.

    • Brian O'Kelly permalink

      Gotta love your. “You must be stoopid if you are a conservative or believe in God” attitude Dennis. Must be awesome to be as smart as you. Now I need to go git-me-some biscuit and gravy and watch me some NASCAR 🙂

  16. Erick permalink

    Steve, I’m disappointed. 2 years ago the mainstream media (estimated by a former ABC correspondent to be 85 to 90% liberal) ruthlessly attacked Sarah Palin. All they revealed is that they don’t want the first woman vice-president (or president) to be a Republican. The mainstream media thinks that is a right reserved for liberals, and most definitely not a conservative.

    • Dennis Taylor permalink

      Erik, I’d be interested in knowing more about your post. For example, I’d like to know an example of a “ruthless” attack by the MSM. I’d also like to see an example of how a journalist’s own personal politics interfered with his or her ability to carry out his craft in an unbiased manner. Who is this “ABC correspondent” and what credentials does he or she have to make such an estimation? Cite an example of how the MSM “revealed” they don’t want the first female vice president to be a Republican; for that matter, cite an example of any instance where the MSM gave a damn one or another. Finally, I’d like to know where you read that MSM believes the aforementioned is a “right reserved for liberals.” Glenn Beck does not count.

  17. Dennis Taylor permalink

    My distaste for Palin is a matter of policy, not her political party:
    – Palin’s gubernatorial inauguration was sponsored by BP, so I believe she is beholden to BP, not the people. Source: Alaska Inauguration Committee.

    – Palin supports teaching creationism in public schools, clearly unconstitutional. (Anchorage Daily News, 10.27.07)

    – Palin opposes abortion even in the case of rape, telling the Anchorage Daily News on 11.03.06 that if her daughter were raped, she (Palin) would “choose life.” Notice she is making a decision for another person’s body.

    On sex education in schools, Palin told Politico on 9.01.08 that “the explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support.” She wants to ban scientific, biologic, fact-based sex ed in favor of abstinence-only policy.

    For these reasons and dozens more, she has earned my wrath. Hope that wasn’t too ruthless.

  18. Brian O'Kelly permalink

    Interesting Post Steve.

    Let me begin by saying that I don’t believe she is qualified to be president and I hope she doesn’t run. However, she is more qualified than Obama was when elected, at least she had some executive experience. We are all seeing what inexperienced leadership does firsthand at this point and I hope people are wise enough to not make that mistake again in either party. (In fairness, McCain, Hillary and most of the others didn’t have any executive experience either, I think Romney may have been alone in that last time)

    What amazes me most about Sarah Palin is how emotional she makes people on either side. She seems to be like spinach, no one is neutral.

    Look at the two posts immediately preceding mine, Erick speaks of “ruthless attacks” and Dennis says she has “earned his wrath”.

    Really Dennis? Your wrath? Wow! Just for having ideas you disagree with? You must be really mad at a lot of people!

    I think underneath all of this is a religious affection/bigotry that is difficult for people to articulate/admit.

    While Dennis doesn’t like her views on abortion and sex-ed, these are positions held by literally tens of millions of Americans. Most evangelical Christians some 26% of Americans ( hold these views. When you add mainstream protestants and Catholics (many of whom agree on the abortion issue) you have a huge number.

    What these religious believers see is a politician that is on the same page with them. They are willing to overlook some of the quirkiness and inexperience for someone who they see as an ideological bedfellow.

    This is exactly the same thing that animates her opposition.

    What I find most amusing about all of this is that her most vocal opponents will be found espousing “diversity” in other parts of their lives.

    And by diversity, they will mean skin color, disability, sexual orientation and religion (as long as it isn’t Evangelical Christian). Muslim, Buddhist, or anything else is OK.

    If she actually runs, I will work to help keep her from getting nominated. I hope to do it by refudiating her ideas and not her person.

    • Dennis Taylor permalink

      You have a vivid imagination Brian. There is nothing I wrote that attacked Palin as an individual; in fact I made it clear that my wrath for her is based on her paternalistic, authoritative policy positions. You are correct when you say I dislike a lot of people. Principally among them are Christian and Muslim extremists that are convinced that Jesus and Muhammad wanted, by force of law, to instill their views on everyone in society — Sarah Palin fits that bill to a T.
      Therein lies what what is so confusing for Palin’s ideologues. I welcome diversity. Brian, you and Palin can believe whatever superstition gets you through the night. I support people’s rights to believe in the faith or superstition du jour. But my acceptance of their faith is not enough for evangelical Christians or extremist Muslims, cut of the same cloth. They want to make their faith my law.
      If you don’t believe in abortion (my daughter was not planned, but welcomed nevertheless), then don’t have one. If you don’t want your child to learn about the biology of reproduction and about birth control, tell them to pay no mind to what their school teaches them. It’s like these parents are terribly afraid of their children receiving any information that hasn’t been filtered by your personal ideology. But as a parent you have that right. You do not, however, have the right to inflict your religious ideology on my child or my neighbor’s child who attend a secular public school. If Sarah doesn’t want her daughter to learn about birth control, then send her to a private religious school.
      But that’s not good enough for you, is it Brian?

  19. Michael Branigan permalink

    Who cares about Palin at this point?
    Let’s repudiate (impeach) the bonehead “tax and spend” liberal in the White House. Unless you have the socialist belief that big government is better, how about getting behind Mitt Romney? He’s a Christian, pro-capitalism, hard-working, contributor to our society.

  20. Conor permalink

    Excellent post, I found the comments quite interesting.

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